Frequently Asked Questions


I see a lot of designers who charge way less than you do. Can you match them, and why should we work with you?

At Culture Movers, we work very hard to ensure that we’re always leveling up and upping the ante when it comes to delivering our promise to you. When you work with us, you’re also benefiting from the wisdom we’ve gathered over decades of continuous research and education, all the mistakes and learning experiences that strengthened the foundation of and brought depth to our design practice, and all the love and care with which we nurture our client relationships. We don’t just “put a number” to our prices based on what everybody else is doing – we let our results dictate our pricing.

The value we provide for your brand is worth the investment, and we assure you that what you are getting is a top-notch service you won’t receive with a low-cost alternative. Our clients have seen results such as: strong branding and message, which then increased the brand’s media mileage and online and social media presence, which then increased client and partner engagement, and which then grew their sales and market reach. We’re not just creating a logo or a website – we’re working to bring your voice to the world so we can help you achieve your goals, and move your social enterprise forward.

Who owns the rights to the work that you do for clients?

Once the project investment has been paid in full, you receive the copyright to the brand identity. However, you allow us to showcase the designs in our portfolio, unless we mutually agree and put on contract to not to have it on our portfolio.

Where do we start? Walk me through the creative process.

We start by getting to know more about you, your business / social enterprise / nonprofit, your needs, what you want to achieve with the project and how this ties together with your big picture organizational goals. All of the information you share during this phase goes into the design brief – which serves as our roadmap throughout the project. We encourage you to be as detailed and verbal as possible in answering our questions so we can accurately translate your vision onto paper.

Once we have enough information, we’ll kickstart the project with a thorough research process that will then guide our creative direction. We send you our first draft/s along with its concept rationale, and you share your feedback on the designs. Your timely response during this phase is important – as we want to stay in momentum in working on your creative project. During the collaborative revision process which takes 2 – 3 revision cycles on average, please compile your requests in batches instead of little, frequent updates, so we can ensure that we’re implementing changes that takes the entire round of requests into consideration. We wouldn’t want to be implementing tiny edits here and there, and look up realizing we’re already far off from our original direction. We’d rather save you time and effort so you can focus on what you do best: changing the world.

What project management and productivity apps will we be using when we work together?

If you use Slack, Asana, Dropbox, or any other app – let us know. We’re open to integrating with other project management apps you use in your workflow.

What materials do I need to have ready before we start the project?

Please send us all of your finished content (logo, brand guidelines, website copy, and other relevant materials) before we start. Having a complete set of content helps us structure and design your brand and website in a cohesive way – something difficult to achieve if we’re working with content that’s constantly changing. As a general rule: Content precedes Design, so it’s important to have your content all ready before we begin the research, design and implementation process.

What if we don’t like what you design?

We haven’t yet come across a client who didn’t like our design, because we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your needs and preferences before we embark on the creative process. And even as we go, we always do a temperature check to see how you’re liking or not liking the work, and to flesh out as much feedback that will help our revision process.

If it ever happens that you don’t like the work we do and you’d like to cancel the project, and we realize we might not be a great fit with you as we had thought – let us know how we can improve our service within the first half of the project timeline, and we’ll give you a partial refund (you agree to pay for the time we’ve already spent working, and for any materials that have already been paid for i.e. fonts, stock photos, illustrations, etc.). However, we keep full rights to the work that we’ve already done, because we add this to our Learning Experience files.

Ultimately, your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your target audience are what we strive for. We work to give you the best you can have with what resources are available (time, budget, information) so you can free up time to do more of your magic.

What’s the best way to contact you?

We prefer our communications to be in written form – in email and project management apps – so that everything is documented, and so we can avoid delaying the revision process. With email and project management apps, it’s less likely to make human error because all requests are itemized, and “on paper”. However, we do recognize that each of us have different communication styles, so let us know upfront what style you thrive with (verbal, written, visual, etc.), and we’ll plan out a Client Check-In and Updates system that works for you.

You’re in a different country. How will this affect our workflow?

Actually, being in different timezones work for us and our clients. During their afternoon, they send us instructions and feedback on what needs to be done. That’s morning in our timezone so when we receive them, we get straight to work. We also plan a Client Check-In and Update Schedule so you get regular updates on our progress.

Have more questions?

No problem! Contact Us and leave a message or send us an email at hello[at]